Screwed Kenosha Style

The honorable Judge Mary K. Wagner

Drunken Judge?

I need your help to complete this research mission. It started when I went to jail which made my incarceration a good thing. I was informed in jail that Judge Mary K. Wagner was in the newspaper for multiple DUIs.

5516 2nd Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin

From that time I have tried to find out the facts to put that on my web site. I went to a place that had public accessible computers, even though I didn't know how to operate them. However, a very nice lady beside me showed me how to use them. After gradually informing her of what I was looking for, she pulled up the page. I wish I had it now. I regret I didn't get a copy of it that moment, because she vanished from my life and never contacted me as I arranged it with her. I gave her my web site and name, but didn't get her name or anything.

What was on that sheet? It was a form stating Wisconsin vs. Mary K. Wagner. It was a 2nd DUI offense. The address listed for this Mary K. Wagner, as far as I remember was a 2nd Avenue and about 55th St. in Kenosha. That address conflicted with the approximate Paddock Lake address I was told about while in jail. Several months later I get mailed some pages, and I found it exciting to see the same address as this mysterious DUI person. Is Mary K. Wagner (DUI) and Judge Mary K. Wagner the same person? I think it is and here are the reasons why I believe that.

Located right across the street from the Kenosha museum


1.) The benefits of working in the Kenosha area is that I meet people that know her, some of them all the way from High School. Several times I heard the comments..."oh yes, she is a party girl!" or "she always was a bar whore, since her parents owned a bar" or comments worse than that. Those are maybe just rumors, but check out the Bar pictures. It does make sense.

2.) Next if the typical you, I or common Joe had a DUI; that information would come up real easy on the computer search. However, why is this DUI covered up so well and needs a special access code that I saw the nice lady type in? Why should the Judge (if true) be able to hide her crime and then send the next person with the same crime to jail? Did this Mary K. Wagner do any jail time?

3.) How unlikely is it to have two Mary K. Wagners in the same city, within a block (if not the same) address? Too bad I didn't memorize the birthdate.

4.) I have a sent letters to Judge Mary K. Wagner and she has never responded to confirm or deny my assumptions. Why? Is it because she could only admit it and is trying to hide from the incidents? She knows it and is trying to hide from the incidents? She knows it will be on my web site!

2nd Avenue and 55th Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin


Now is there anyone that can get me a copy of this Wisconsin vs. Mary K. Wagner DUI sheet, that I saw last year? I am willing to pay a small finders fee to anyone that knows the codes to retrieve it. If you have other documented Wagner corruption facts, I definitely would be interested. Who can get the facts about the high percentage of Judge Mary K. Wagners cases that are over-truned at the next level? I heard she has one of the highest percentage. As far as DUIs, why did Racine Alderman or even Attorney Generals face the consequences if guilty, but this Mary K. Wagner seems to have "cheated out of punishment," and remains in the dark to the public eye? Do you have any answers to my questions? If true, doesn't Kenosha deserve a better judge?

Yes, you can remain anonymous.

Here are a couple of documents that have surfaced...

Estate document with her name and address

Estate document with her name and birthdate

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