Screwed Kenosha Style

Another Corrupt Battle plan in the Courts

Guardians ad litem(GAL), the cult, and my children

My ex's attorney Tom Anderson Jr. requested the Judge to demand a GAL again for my case. The Judge asked him who he would choose. Tommy said Nicole L. Beddigs (3505 30th Avenue, Kenosha Wisconsin 53144, (262) 652 - 5050/Fax (262) 652-5053) did a fine job last time and he would choose her again this time.

The Judge Milisauskes accepteded the recommendation. I then requested somebody else. The Judge said that I don't have that right or choice. Is not that a statute violation to have a one-sided agreement made with my opponent and then reject anything of mine? But I get forced with her bill upon me that I didn't ask for, initiate, or accept?

Let us spell out exactly how my children are influenced by the Cult. Go to my web site where I have the rules of the cult. I will name just a few of the things now and expound on them a little bit more.

The Kenosha Public Museum has some very corrupt and devilish things in it (many Cult views here). A lot of the interesting things presented there are on a TV screen. That is wrong and my children can't look at it, because they would be on the threshold of going to a Devil's Hell.

I took my children to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Wow, another wicked place! That place had movie screens the full height of the wall. I was impressed with the illusion that you were right there on the ship capturing a submarine. However, my children saw that hell fire danger right away and quickly left into the next room. I had to make a choice to either follow my minor children which were in a crowded place or watch the "you are there!" movie. I have to follow them.

I took my children to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Why do they have to have devilish devices on these grounds? I think it was on a Friday and very few people there. I spotted the carousel which was almost empty. I ask the children if they wanted to go on the Merry-go-round. The younger ones squealed out a delightful, yes! As they walked the two hundred yards towards it, my oldest girl knew better and quickly and discreetly warned the four younger ones. Within those few yards, upon arrival, nobody wanted to go on it anymore. They all just stared at it like it was the devil in real life.

I took my children swimming at Paddock Lake. The beach is a place filled with hell bound sinners, because they were wearing swimming suits. We tried finding a discreet placed to the West, away from anyone else. There every one got in the water fully clothed, with the girls in dresses to their ankles. Did you ever try swimming with a parachute around your ankles? My girls in their entire life have never experienced anything else.

My oldest boy, that is in my custody, took off his shirt in the water. Immediately the oldest girl got out of the water, and refused to be in the water with anyone immodest, even her own brother. Some people have told me to take my children to a motel that has a pool or indoor water park. They have never done that either.

However, imagine now all the children playing in that setting fully clothed with dresses on down to their ankles. That is all that the girls ever wear! But then the poor thing would never happen anyway because it is forbidden by the Cult.

Well what about the Mall of America and Camp Snoopy? What a haven for Satan! They are all going to hell, especially if they have been in contact with the Cult and then refuse their way. After all they are the one and only church.

Now here's another loaded question. What does Coca-Cola, RC, Pepsi, Barques Rootbeer, Folger's coffee, Maxwell House, Starbucks, Brunns Bros., Caribou coffee, Mountain Dew, even some orange and grape flavored store brand pops and many others have in common? The answer is that they all have pulverized up the devil (symbolically) and put the powder into the beverage in the form of caffeine.

I remember a time, when I was still with the Cult and was at the pastor's house. It was right after service and we were enjoying a church potluck. We all were drinking the Faygo brand grape and orange flavored pop. Casually the pastors daughter, Liz, started reading the label on that half empty bottles. She suddenly lovely says, "caffeine"! Everybody stopped and some had to confirm the label for themselves. Sure enough it was there. One by one the unconsumed pop was dumped down the drain.

Recently I was with my children in the presence of a friend. In the kindness of his heart he offered each of them all a can of pop that had caffeine in it. They aggressively refused him and didn't consume any of the devil's poison. It did cause a scene though with him persisting to offer and them resisting. Does Nicole Beddigs however corrupt herself with that stuff and dooms her soul to hell? Does she support the Cult only with her mouth and not with her actions. With her comments my children will be forced to live like that.

Nicole must also be a very wicked woman and Harlot. She does cut her hair. She does wear jewelry, I think. I believe she wears makeup and also pants. What a Jezebel! She forces my children to do what she wouldn't do and never will, why?

Let us get more personal though. There is a reason for long dresses. Imagine only panty hose covering their inch long hair on their legs and then only a knee high skirt. Attractive?

Is Nicole a harlot for shaving her legs? Or is she consistent with saying the cult is good, by not shaving her own legs either? Now the best question of all. Does Nicole agree with and lives by the cults rule, that women only wear white with no lace panties? Or does she preach Cult, but practice harlotry by wearing colored and laced underwear? I am sure that Shereen regrets telling me of what was discussed at the Cult women's meeting.

At the Cults Men's meeting, things were even more interesting. The men and many young teenage boys were informed by pastor Danny Layne,(I am phrasing this in a humorous way)about the sinfulness of grabbing a weasel and choking it. Does Nicole support Pastor Danny in that area too by putting approval on the cult as the elite of all religions and best for my children?

The list goes on. However, see it for yourself and then tell me what I can do with my children so that I don't corrupt them. You could also respond to me with your opinion if you think they are a Cult. Nicole Beddigs doesn't, for in 2002, she said that my children are best off if left with their mother which is in that Cult. Will Nicole repeat that opinion on February 7, 2007? Without your phone call she probably will.

I don't think she dresses her child that way. I don't think she practices the Cult's beliefs by her attire. I don't think she makes her family follow those rules. Why does she call it a good thing for my children to be forced into it? Please call her to tell her of what you think concerning her decision. Why do I get forced to pay for her preach but not practice opinion? I didn't choose that doubled tongued, say but don't do, hypocrite.

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