Screwed Kenosha Style


is a man that suffers from a back injury. Since the injury which happened in 1997 he has not been able to work which used to be construction. He has two bulging and one herniated disks. He had a surgery that failed in 2000. He filed for disability, but that is a long time process with no result so far. He was living with his grandmother waiting for something to develop. Judge Mary K. Wagner saw his medical reports and then terminated any job searches. His doctor had ordered no work and she accepted that. But then on August 31, 2004 Wagner throws him in jail because he hadn't paid any child support. Chris challenged that decision by what she sid about three or four meetings earlier not needing a job. She then denied that she said that. Chris wishes that he had money to buy his transcripts. But what if she orders to alter and change the scripts to eliminate what she said?

In my transcript her three alternative deals she gave me was eliminated. Why can Wagner or her typist/recorder change or eliminate things that were said in the courtroom from being in the transcripts? Isn't that against the law? She gave Chris a six month jail sentence.

Chris had a doctor's prescription for several years for his injuries. However he was told by KCDC that his doctor refuses to renew his prescription. Chris contacted his family to verify things. His doctor never denied his prescription. Should that denial excuse be ironic, that KCDC just gives him now Tylenol instead, which has a big price difference from the medication he was getting from the doctor? Is Wagner and KCDC the definition for

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