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Does America have a judicial dictatorship?

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Oh, AMERICA, the great land of the FREE and the Home of the BRAVE! Throughout the several decades gone by, SHE was considered the land of opportunity and prosperity; the land with the greatest freedom for everyone, the utopia of this world.

SHE was unlike the countries that controlled their people with force and fear. The dictator tyrants of other cultures ripped poor individuals from their families and threw them into a debtor’s prison simply for their lack of money.

America used to be the wealthiest nation of this planet. What if it became the greatest debtor to all other nations on earth? What if the economy slowly decayed the standard of living away, forcing a greater percentage of civilians into poverty each year? Now what if Judicial America would take advantage of these poverty peasants and inflict them with grievous burdens too huge for them to carry? What if these American Dictators then would rip these peasants from their families and throw them into a debtor’s prison? How would America be any different than the other holocaust tyrant nations?

A few years ago, if an American Judge started doing just that, the victim could appeal to the Judicial Commission. What if today in America that particular organization refuses to investigate or remove that type of chaotic tyranny? What if they approved of everything a corrupt judge did? Could they be paid by the judge in America?

The American style used to be then to just take it to a higher court which eventually would be the Supreme Court. What if today in America a corrupt judge could buy out the entire lateral structure of Judicial America? What if there was evidence of that by proof of a money trail?

A few years ago a victim of a possible judicial corrupt case like that, could turn to the legislative branch. But what if the Judicial Tyrant Corruption Virus has spread to that area too? Then what? Would the “Free” American victim then be any better off than the deprived, depraved tyrant nations' victims?

What if America became so free that corrupt judges could rule without opposition from anyone as long as she provides money to the ones that could? What if she forced cobwebs and rust to form on the laws and statutes, that they become a relic of the past, and then use her own opinions to become the Law of the Land?

Now in final, what if these WHAT IFs are actually reality today? Would America be the Land of the Greed, and the Home of the Slave? What If? You decide!


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