Screwed Kenosha Style

Looking for Justice: Where's the accountablility?

Supreme Court of Wisconsin - Office of Lawyer Regulation

This is a letter I wrote to the office of Lawyer Regulation in October of 2003

Political cartoon

Is this fish too big or unaccountable to anyone? I am on a mission to find that out. For starters, I am mailing out 1000 postcards to people mentioned on my fish cartoon bulletin. I have a sample postcard here, this example is the one that I have mailed to Wagner. Can anyone help me with list of IRS auditors and their addresses? Is there anyone else that I haven't thought about yet?


postcard example


postcard back addressed to Judge Wagner


In a few weeks I will post the outcome of who I contacted, and who responded. It is true that governors of all 50 states (which are already sent) have nothing to do with this situation, but it will be still interesting to know who responds.

Is there anyone else that is getting screwed over by the Kenosha court system? I would love to hear your story.

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